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About Us

Our Team

Kristina Schell, Facility Administrator
Robert Armstrong


Herbert Pineda, Billing Office Manager
Herbert Pineda

Billing Office Manager

Karen Hoyles, Director of Rehabilitation
Karen Hoyles
Director of Rehab
Theresa Reynolds
Theresa Reynolds
Donna Gill, Social Services Director
Donna Gill
Social Services Director
Rhonda Daugherty, MDS Coordinator
Rhonda Daugherty
MDS Coordinator
Fabian Bautista Ramos (Activities Director)
Fabian Bautista Ramos
Activities Director
Kristine Souza, Medical Records Director
Kristine Souza
Medical Records
Jonathan Sertich, Director of Environmental services

Gordon Upfold

Director of Dietary Services

Kailey Spotswood
Kailey Spotswood
Heidi Schinkel, Central Supply
Heidi Schinkel
Central Supply
Jonathan Sertich, Director of Environmental services

Meranda Pogroszewski


Glenda Brock, Admissions Coordinator

Angelic Huntley