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My grandfather has been at this facility since June. The facility is quite clean. The staff and the PT team are great and quite caring. We had a vacation planned and were nervous about going, however we were kept informed about my grandfather’s condition. I think the fact that the facility is smaller than many facilities it is easier to get to know the staff and has a more family feel to it. We love the fact that the facility is close by so we can pop in and out on a daily basis.

I have had the opportunity to see a number of other Skilled Nursing Facilities when my grandmother was still alive and some on the surface looked like great facilities, but I have to tell you that it really is about the staff that makes a facility great. It’s true the place is small and been around a long time. They are in the process of doing renovations. Overall, they are doing great with what they have to work with. I think it also makes a huge difference when families are involved and take an active role with their loved one. We have never been discouraged from being involved and has welcomed our feedback. My grandfather is quite happy and contented there.

Lori S.

After being thrown into a very unfamiliar situation after my grandfathers hip replacement, EVERYONE here made me feel that I wasn’t alone! They helped me every step of the way and treated me with as much care and attention as they give my grandfather! When he first arrived, he was disoriented, confused and depressed. He is now very much at home! I can tell how well he’s cared for by his smiles towards the staff, by how sweetly his bed has been made and how wonderful the food is! No lie, I’ve eaten with him and the food is great. We are now getting to the point of moving on from rehab, which again is a scary thing. And again, I am not alone. My grandfather will miss it here and so will I! From the director to laundry services…TOP NOTCH!!!

Kris D.


I had excellent care by every area in the center. I want people to know of my positive experience there after a total knee replacement. When I left there my knee was in great working order and my care couldn’t have been better. The food, snacks, and friendliness were also very good and uplifting to me. Thank you, I couldn’t have been happier with this facility. It was clean, smells pleasant, very friendly and good food. The PT and OT were excellent. I had a complete knee replacement at John Muir and your facility was recommended to me by my Dr. and his assistant. I also have several other doctors and friends who used this facility and was more than pleased as I was. I spent almost three weeks there and could see how well it was run.

Becky W.

In October of 2011 my mother had a devastating stroke. She had been a vivacious, happy person before this happened. She went to the hospital, acute rehab and then to Danville Post-Acute Rehab. When she arrived there after 30 days of acute rehab, she could not walk, eat, transfer, or pay attention for that matter. She was a patient there for almost 60 days and progressed in rehab far beyond the acute rehab. When she was ready to discharge, she was walking with a cane, eating a modified diet by herself, and had become much more aware of her surroundings. When she was admitted to Danville Post-Acute, she had developed a sore from the acute rehab. The therapist’s identified this and provided the exact care to heal the wound before it could get worse. For that I am so grateful, Thank you!! My Mom went home on December 31, 2011.

Unfortunately, she had another stroke and was admitted to the hospital again in late August, 2012 This time we were instructed by the physicians that she was so weak and frail that she probably would not make it. They recommended Hospice care. I immediately thought of Danville Post-Acute and called them to see if they would take a hospice patient. They would and for the end of her life, the care could not have been any better. I was there around the clock. Never did I see any of the other reviews concerns. She and her roommate were well cared for, there was no filth or smell ever. The staff was so kind, gentle and understanding of my families stress and trauma. Our Mom did pass away there, and with all of the dignity, grace and comfort we, and she could have asked for.

My Father was in a chain run skilled nursing facility in Walnut Creek, and their level of care didn’t compare at all with what Danville did for myself and my family.Thank you to the administrator, who checked in on us daily, the director of nursing, who would make sure all of my Moms meds were given timely and she was always comfortable and to the entire nursing staff and rehab team thank you so much for all that you did and that you do.

Robby L.

My Grandfather stayed here recently and it was such a joy coming to the facility to visit him. The staff was extremely friendly and made me feel so welcome. But most importantly my grandpa was happy. He loved the nurses and everyone else on the staff. He too felt welcome and very well taken care of. I will always recommend this place to friends and family. Loved it.

Sophie S.

My mother was admitted here for about 4 weeks, truly a great staff and caring people. The therapy is the best! She said the food was great! The administrator was extremely helpful with any of my questions and was always very responsive. The Director of Social Services is just an amazing woman! She did everything we needed. Overall, just a very clean place and all are very kind people.

Jana B.

My grandfather stayed at this facility for about a month and this rehab center really helped him get better. The CNAs are all really great and patient and were attentive to my grandfather. My grandpa is a high fall risk patient and they made sure he had extra padding on the sides of his bed, a bed alarm, and lots of check-ups from the staff. They also were really good at helping him use the bathroom and showering him. They were always chatting with him in Tagalog and really brightening his spirits. He also enjoyed the food. They always had so many options and he really enjoyed that.

Overall, my impression of the facility is that it looks a little older but it was nice and quaint, but come on it was obviously built more than 2 decades ago. So if you are going to complain about the overall structure/set-up/bathroom layout go somewhere else. Pretty irritating to read some of the reviews on here. The room and bathroom all were a good size. My grandpa was able to comfortably use his walker/wheelchair through the whole facility. It may not be the Hilton but the staff overall was awesome. They really helped my grandpa regain strength to walk better, eat better, and lifted his spirits. Thanks Danville Post-Acute Rehab for helping Tatay aka Al J.


The physical therapy here was excellent and the nurses and therapist professionalism and care was superb! Thank you for the speedy recovery to get me back home. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Lucy F., Patient

Thank you for getting me back in one piece with great care and great rehab. You are all a great team! Thanks so much.

Marion and Bruce W.

This place is a hidden treasure. My 99 yr old grandma was a patient there for a full month and she was treated like she was a relative. Unbelievable service by all staff from the administration, nurses, CNA’s to all the therapists. They made several adjustments for her diet. The faculty is very clean and was sterile at all times.

We actually had her at Stonebrooke in Concord and that facility didn’t work out and we had my grandma transferred to Danville Post-Acute Rehab center and it was a blessing in disguise. Putting a loved one in a home is a very difficult process. Danville Post-Acute Rehab made me very comfortable and confident that we had my grandma at the best facility in the Bay Area. I would recommend this facility to anyone! Thanks the staff for everything that you have done for my grandmas recovery. You truly are amazing!!

Gina L.

Thank you for saving my Grandma’s life. Thank you for the miracle of life. Bringing her heart rate down from 140 to 70, beats per minute, saved her life. Providing John M. Acute Care, Danville Rehab Therapy, Case Management, Atria Montego Heights, and Karo Mina Care Home, gives back her quality of life. I give back by giving miracle of life to my patients. Thank you.

Roseann F. G., MD, General Surgeon

I have been the medical director for the past eight years. This facility has evolved into a top notch nursing and rehabilitation facility in the bay area. My patients love the quality and compassionate care at Danville Post Acute Rehabilitation.

Dr. Narendra Malani, Medical Director

I am writing a review of the Danville Post-Acute Rehab and Nursing home, where my mom is currently living. I heard that they had received a negative review due to the updating/construction of the facility so I decided to write my own review.Let me say that parking can be an issue, but I understand the limited space and sometimes I have to park and walk.Second of all, construction can be a hassle, but the facility is overdue for a makeup and they are doing a GREAT job. Even the Director is outside painting doors and helping with the landscaping himself! It may be dusty and inconvenient, but the staff is AWESOME, always making me feel welcome and taking GREAT care of my 92 year old mom. That is what is IMPORTANT to me – her health and welfare. Most of the staff know me by name, care about the patients, and do the best job they can.Although some staff comes and goes, there are several staff members that have been here a VERY long time, which tells me something about the commitment to the patients.

Thanks for all you do staff, keep it up!

Nancy A.

My 87 year old father has been at Danville Post-Acute Rehab center twice and I have to say he has been receiving excellent care. He has friendly, caring nurses and attendants and the whole facility is clean and spacious. We are kept up-to-date with his condition & the least concern is addressed immediately. I have been pleased with the pride the people working at this facility have. The management, nursing assistants and nurses are all very kind, nice and extremely understanding and accommodating. Doctors are dedicated to help each patient.There is a feeling that the patient here is valued as a person and not just a file. I definitely recommend this place. Thanks to everyone.

Nina Y.

I would like to express my appreciation for all the support, patience, and kindness I received during my stay at Danville Post-Acute Rehab. The professionalism and skill at your facility went above and beyond all of my expectations. I had the best physical therapist that I could have asked for. On top of her obvious skill, she was encouraging, fun, and sensitive during our times together. It is difficult spending time away from your home and family; however, by the time I left I actually felt a part of “your family”. Thank you!

Martha M., Patient

The entire staff here are extremely kind and considerate; with very little turnover they get to know their patients well, which makes Danville Post-Acute Rehab feel less like a hospital and more like a cheerful, family setting. Yes, it’s relatively small but that’s exactly why my mom is happy here. The facilities are quite nice with a lovely outdoor area. The location can’t be beat – it’s a short walk to quaint downtown Danville where there’s many wheelchair accessible restaurants and shops should family be able to take the patient for an easy, nearby outing. My family visits frequently and during all shifts – the quality of treatment is always the same 24-7: kind, caring, and efficient! If ever I need rehab care – this is where I’d go because I know I’d receive great care by a wonderful staff!

Terri S.

I asked several employees what they thought made Danville Post-Acute Rehab “Good” and Starting with the policy, basically the policy I to be family oriented. In other words not to treat people as customers but as a family.

The various workers had slightly different positive views about why the place is good. One said, the therapy is the best, another, always the people to be treated as I would want my parents to be treated. Basically the “Golden Role”.

The people I work with are great. And the last one I talked to said, “Good rehab very positive and caring people.” One patient who happened to be my wife said, Everyone who helped or treated me was very attentive”.

A Patients Husband

The care and attention my mother received was beyond what your staff was required to give a patient. On two separate occasions when we came to visit my mother, there was one of your employees holding my mother’s hand and comforting her. My family and I were so impressed.

Other positive qualities we observed in your staff include timely information provided to us by your administrative staff, excellent care provided by the nurses, therapists and all of the support folks, and the level of cleanliness of the facility.

Tom, family member of patient